Best Web Hosting Package – Types of Website Hosting

Today in this article, I will guide you about the common hosting packages type. You have read many articles related to web hosting every day and if you are confused about hosting packages, then this post will be useful for you because in this post I will try to tell you in detail about common hosting packages.

I hope that after reading this article, you will get good information about common hosting packages type. And you will be able to choose the right hosting for your new website.

Common Webhosting Packages

There are many things here that we will not talk about, such as Windows or Linux hosting because it is platform based hosting.

In this post I will talk about the types of common hosting packages like Shared, VPS etc. At this time, most webhosting companies offer different packages. Let me tell you about some common webhosting packages.

Shared Web Hosting Package

This is a very common and cheapest hosting package type for any new blogger. It is very affordable package type that starts at $ 2- $ 15 / month depending on the option you choose.

The shared hosting provides two options, one limited and the other unlimited. Many web hosting companies offer different types of hosting packages according to their limitations. For example, the popular hosting company offers two types of hosting packages: baby plan and business plan! These two hosting packages are completely different in feature and price!

If you are creating a new blog or are thinking of making it, then Shared Hosting will be the best option for hosting that blog.

VPS – Web Hosting Package

VPS is commonly known as Virtual root server / Virtual dedicated server. It is also a very common hosting package that most companies offer. Your website gets limited but dedicated resources on VPS.

Virtual Private Server is more expensive than shared hosting. According to the dedicated resources required, it works perfectly for your website all the time.

If you use VPS hosting in your website, then it resolves your website down issues well. It saves your website server from external losses, means there is less chance of your website being hacked.

Best Web Hosting Service - Types of Website Hosting
Best Web Hosting Service

These two types of VPS packages are used more in Virtual Private Server:  1.Managed VPS 2. Unmanaged VPS!

Dedicated Web Hosting Package

A dedicated server is a great option for Hungry Websites and Web apps. In dedicated hosting plan, then you get a lot of space and bandwidth in it.

If the traffic of your website is increasing fast, then you should immediately transfer your website to the Dedicated server. So there is no risk of your hosting account getting suspended or website down. You can control all aspects of your server by your own way and the loading of your website will be the fastest compare to the hosting plan.

Apart from the common hosting packages that I have mentioned, there are many more hosting packages. As far as I am concerned, I host all my WordPress blogs on managed WordPress hosting, which is perfect for me. Its cost is slightly higher, but the services are awesome .

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