How to create a business website?

It is no longer possible to run a company without a business website, not even as a small book store. Consumers use the Internet for everything from product research to business hours. Even a simple, well-designed business website can give you an edge in your field. If you want to sell products, your website can open new markets and expand your business cheaply and easily.

Website design software has evolved and is now easier to use. You do not need to know how to program to develop an attractive and functional site. Regardless of which program you use, there are basic rules and tips that will give your website a professional look, make your search easier, and best represent your business.

How to start a business website

For a website to function properly, below 3 points are required –

Choose a domain, and register it for your website
Create a web host, which makes the website work on the internet
Install a website theme

1. Set Your Domain Name for your business

Your domain name is one of the most important features of your website. This is the URL that you share with your current and potential customers and advertise on social media. Therefore, you want it to be descriptive and easy to remember and record. Try to keep it short and to avoid confusion among customers, avoid abbreviations, abbreviations, and numbers as much as possible.

2. Choose a web host for your business website

Each website requires a “host”, a server on which all data is stored so that the public can access it at any time. As a small business, hosting your own website is very expensive, so you have to choose an external host.

Depending on your budget, you can follow two different routes. A shared web hosting, the cheapest option, means that you are sharing a server with other websites. Dedicated hosting costs a lot, but it means that you get your own private server and you don’t have to compete with other websites that can slow you down. You can find help in choosing a web hosting service in our purchasing guide.

3. Choose a Template (or Theme)

Whichever platform you decide to use to build your site, you should choose a prebuilt template or theme before you begin building out your pages. This will not only make the web design process a lot easier, but your website will look professional regardless of whether or not you have web design experience. Most of the popular site builder platforms include libraries of free templates or themes, and some even allow you to upload your own.

Create a Business Website in 8 Easy Steps

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Get a personalized business email address
  3. Choose a business website builder
  4. Pick a template
  5. Populate your business website with your content
  6. Add apps for extra functionality
  7. Optimize your site for search engines
  8. Publish!… Then monitor, adjust and update

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