What is Cloud Web hosting?

The last few years, we are seeing a lot of changes in web hosting. In these new changes, cloud web hosting is a fast emerging service.

The reason for cloud hosting introduction is the issues of traditional web hosting like shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated. The main issues are cost and performance.

Cloud term is referred to as those servers (a group of servers in a single cluster) which are available on the internet for public or private use. These internet-connected servers provide software or storage services to clients at different charges.

This hosting can be of many types such as web and file hosting, file sharing or software distribution, etc.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

It is a method in which customized online virtual servers can be created, modified, and removed based on the requirements of customers. Mainly website hosts data storing, emails, and web-based distribution services use this hosting.

Cloud Web hosting servers are actually virtual machines hosted on physical servers. On these servers, OS and other software are configured as per the client’s requirement. Cloud allocating resources like CPU, memory, storage, etc. When you host your website on the cloud, then the website uses virtual resources of the servers cluster for its requirement.

With the help of cloud hosting, the peak load (without any bandwidth issue) of the website can be managed conveniently. Because in this case, the other server of the cluster can offer additional resources to that server.

In this way, the website does not have to depend on the resources of a single server. Because many servers share their resources while working in the cluster.

Thus, cloud hosting is the base technology on cloud computing in which storage, network, servers, and application services are provided to business users or clients with the help of the internet.

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